Workbench 1, 2, 3 – Day 3c

I was finally able to carve out another few hours to get the two workbenches ready to go for use as tables at Handworks.

My first task was to get the last two legs fitted and trimmed, then I had both benches up on their feet.  I trimmed the ends with my 10″ Milwaukee circular saw and spent about an hour total rough flattening the tops with a fore plane.

With that done I drilled a number of holes for holdfasts and fitted the planing stop on the one bench I will be keeping.  I have to consult again with the LoC folks before doing any more to theirs.

And, it was a functional workbench.  After Handworks I will do the final truing of the top, add a crochet and shelf to mine and stick it in the shop.

With that I stuck a pair of horses underneath one bench, and using a block saved just for that purpose, drove out the legs.  Then I lifted the end of the second bench up on to the first bench top sitting on the horses and drove out the first pair of its legs.  I slid the bench top onto the first one up to the second pair of legs and drove them out too.

The whole pile now sits close to the door, ready to head off to Iowa.  And the time card read 24 hours.

Yep, one guy, two workbenches, in three days.