Workbench 1,2,3 – Day 3b

I snuck in a couple hours the other day to flatten the undersides of the two bench top slabs with a foreplane (a #5 with a cambered iron) and fit the legs.  The strategy of fabricating the top slabs in halves and surfacing them with the power planer is definitely a winner.  I already knew how successful the “David Barron” practice was for the lamination approach.

At this point I am just shy of 20 hours for the two benches.  In a couple days I will flatten and trim the tops and drill the holdfast holes and call them done.   Temporarily, as I need to install the leg vise and shelf for the one I am donating to the Library of Congress rare book conservation posse.  But for demo tables at Handworks, this is as good as I will get.