Workbench Building Workshop – Roubo Prototype 2


With the core of the top glued up and scrubbed, I added the three lamina to each face with the openings cut out for the double tenoned leg ends.  Since this was a down-and-dirty prototype I just used a chop saw to make the cuts of the 2x stock prior to assembling the bench top.


I marked out the mortises and just made each piece the correct legth for the opening, slathered on some yellow glue and clamped it up.


Mostly I needed a pile of clamps to hold it together and then some wet rags for the clean up.


As you can see my chop saw is barely carpenter grade.  I think for the workshop we’ll use a cross-cut sled for the cutting the pieces on the table saw.


If you are interested in a week-long workshop for building your own heirloom quality Roubo or Nicholson style workbench July 25-29, drop me a line.