Workbench-Building Workshop – Roubo Prototype I

The second option for attendees to the upcoming Workbench Building Workshop at the barn July 25-29 will be to make a butcher-block top Roubo style bench.  As with the Nicholson bench described earlier, this one will be made entirely from southern yellow pine I get from over in the Shenandoah Valley from Virginia Frame and Lumber, who stocks amazing 24′ SYP 2x12s.  Fortunately for me they can and will cut them to 8′ lengths.


Using a spacer jig to set the fence on my circular saw I cut the 2x12s into three equal boards.  During the workshop we will likely joint and thickness these but for this prototype I did not.


In this case I simply cut up enough lumber to make a 24″ wide top.


Loosely following the protocols presented by David Barron in his excellent video I began by gluing together the central core of the top, that is, the eight pieces glued together to form the lengthwise portion of the bench top between the legs.



Using PVA adhesive and several 12″ clamps I got this done in just a few minutes.

After the slab had dried overnight I lightly scrubbed the unit and was ready for the next step.


I’ve still got a couple of spaces for this workshop, so if you are interesting in joining in drop me a line here.