Workbench Wednesday – #15 (2015) Laminated Roubo, Part 2

NB: I think I am back on track to resume a “normal” blogging schedule. I spent much of the evening Monday and day Tuesday getting the new compewder up and running, loading it with my every day programs and importing a quarter-million files from my external hard drive archive.

PS Apparently while I was away WordPress “improved” their template, making it nearly unusable for me. I have come to think of web application designers as (functionally) sadistic swine, sitting in their cubicles of antisocial isolation and thinking to themselves, “I guess the users must have the hang of the current version by now, so it is time to change it and make it useless again,” while rolling ball bearings in their palms and muttering  about strawberries.

With the core of the laminated slab assembled and glued I measured and cut the laminae that incorporated the mortises for the legs. I had already prepped nd assembled the legs so “making” the mortises to fit them snugly made the whole project easy, quick, and very high-performance.

The final three laminae on each face, the ones housing the leg tenons/top mortises, were glued in place and the legs driven into the mortises, which fit perfectly since all the amina for the top and the legs were prepared identically.

With the legs inserted and the whole assembly upside down I added the face-mounted stretchers (diagonal deck screws) for the bottom shelf.

Now it was ready for the legs to be trimmed to length, then turned upright to cut the slab to length and trim the protruding tops of the leg tenons.

I planed the top flat, installed the shelf, and before you knew it I had a finished bench core.

This unit now lives up on the fourth floor, in the video studio.