Workbench Wednesday – Romastonian Low Bench 6a

Between travels and other disruptions I have not had much time in the shop lately, a trend that will continue for another fortnight as I get my knee worked on next week.

This post is about a discovery of happenstance.  I would like to claim this as a brilliant strategic plan from the inception of this bench but the fact is I only noticed it ex post facto.  The discovery?

Well, it turns out that the upright carving vise I acquired a decade ago on Craigslist and which has been residing most recently on my gunsmithing bench is almost exactly the correct size to fit into my side notch!  Now all I have to do is fabricate a custom wedge to hold it in place and I can use it with impunity.  (I also have the Benchcrafted kit parts underneath another bench, so making a similar vise dedicated to the Romastonian Low Bench in is the future.)