Workbench Wednesday – Romastonian Low Bench 6c

It was a most satisfying day as the upright vise was finished and put into action.  I first tapped the threads for the vise screw, and notched the handle for the screw itself.  And, the concept of the entire device being easily and rapidly installed and removed with a single whack of a mallet showed itself to be true repeatedly as the day progressed.

With the fundamentals set I made a parallel guide from some 12mm baltic birch plywood from the scrap box, tarted up a bit just because.  Two sets of holes were drilled offset as is typical for such a component, and the pin was another piece from the scrap drawer.

I gave it a little test drive and love its performance; whether or not I like it as much in constant and ongoing use will be discovered once I get the other accouterments of the bench completed and put into regular rotation in the shop. One “concern” I have is that I made the off-set of the entire device toward the center of the bench rather than the outside, which would have allowed greater utility for clamping workpieces alongside the outer edge of the slab.  Again, only time will tell if I should have done it the other way, and if so, whether Romastonian Bench Vise 2.0 is in the offing.

One of the ultimate beauties of the device is that it takes only a single whack to install or de-install it, and is solid as a rock when in place.