Workbench Wednesday – Sneak Preview

I have not made any more progress on the Romastonian Low Bench since the last posting on the subject, so I thought I would give you a sneak peek on the next workbench project.  This bench will be the most excellent nearly full-sized portable workbench 2.0, a newer and much improved version of workbench #2 from 1990.

The beauty of this new version is that it remains fully portable, roughly 50 pounds and fully collapsible, yet has an astonishingly high degree of functionality.


I am hoping that the pace of activities slows down here in Shangri-la, but lately we have had a lot of travel across the mountains for medical appointments in the Valley.  Nothing particularly earth shattering, but every trip to the doctor is an all-day affair.

I am now in the second week of physical therapy on my knee, the joint remaining pain-free and according to the PTs, “Way ahead of schedule.”  I would gladly take the credit but I had nothing to do with it.  One morning I went to sleep with a hurting knee joint, and two hours later I woke up pain free.  At this point the agenda for my sessions and ongoing daily exercises is to 1) strengthen the much weakened musculature throughout my left leg, and 2) get that hamstring stretched and supple.  Due to my limping over the past couple of years that muscle has weakened and shrunk, and lengthening it is an unpleasant undertaking.  The only pain I have now is from that process.   Interestingly I can now sense the gentle ache from arthritis in the knee; before the surgical housekeeping that sensation was being masked by the sharper pain from the torn cartilage.