Workbench Wednesday – Ultimate Portable Workbench 3

Gluing the internal ribs was no big deal; first I dry-fit all the ribs then marked their locations, so that I would know where to put the bead of glue.  I used PVA mostly because I have a lot of it left over from another project and just wanted to use it up.

Once the glue lines were down and the grid re-placed on top of them I simply “clamped” them in place with a couple hundred pounds of bricks.  Everything stayed put over night and in the morning all was well.

I moved on to the backing blocks needed for the threaded screw holes and a couple of other features.  For the threaded vise holes I just held them in place with spring clamps.

For the backing blocks on the top and bottom faces I uses more of the same                            ‘brick as clamps” strategy.