tortoiseshell & imitation

“Tortoiseshell and Imitation Tortoiseshell” Monograph — New To The Archive

Recently while working to impose order to the library of the Barn I came across a pile of articles needing scanning and formatting for posting to the web.  “Tortoiseshell and Imitation Tortoiseshell” was my contribution to a 2002 conference that required travel to Amsterdam for the presentation itself, in complete disregard to one of my personal mottoes, “If I ain’t at home, I’m in the wrong place.”

The scanned article is now in the “Conservation” section of the Writings section of the web site.  There are two versions, one about 4.5 megs and another about 1.5 megs.  I’m still working through the idiosyncrasies of my scanner and compewder, figuring out what settings work best.  If I can get this better I will upload that version later.

A Portfolio of Tordonshell

I recently went through my inventory of tordonshell to see about matching some for a friend’s project.

I can make it pretty much any way I want, matching almost any pattern or dimension required.

At this point I am always working out the finer details, such as toughness, longevity and so on, and experimenting with different chemicals to perform the same functions as those I use already.  One of these days I hope to derive the perfect method for re-creating traditional tortoiseshell guitar picks.

If I get all the compewder stuff right I will post my 2003 article on the subject early next week.  I have scanned it and am now formatting it and trying to get the transfer to the host server right.  Wish me luck.