Arkansas Day 0

The days of preparation finally led to the departure for Arkansas, but not before I spent two days shoe-horning a boatload of stuff into my little S-10.  In addition to the six-foot Nicholson bench I had nearly a score of tubs and boxes of tools, bench parts, supplies, and my suitcase and overnight bag.  Oh, and a dozen pieces of the select SYP 4/4 x 10″ x 8″ I was delivering to my friend John near St. Louis.  Somehow I failed to take a picture of the truck looking ready for a wheelie.  Everything was packed so full and tight I practically needed to slather myself with shortening to get into the cockpit.

Day 1 of the trip ended at John’s after 14 hours on the road.  Our brief time of fellowship was outstanding and very much a blessing.  After we unloaded John’s lumber the next morning I hit the road again for a another eight or nine hours to get to NW Arkansas.  Some of the traveling was through unfamiliar country so I was glad to have the robotic lady in the new smart phone there to provide instructions on the route.

I arrived at Cam and Jane’s just before dark, and they had set me up in a charming guest room in their barn that they often rent out for social gatherings.  The main room was going to be our workshop space for the week.  Jane as the furniture maker and would be in the class, while Cam the metal fabricator was popping in and out throughout the week making sure everything was running smoothly and often getting some materials and supplies for us.

On Sunday  morning I unpacked the truck then went to church with my hosts, and like visiting with John it was a delightful time of worship and fellowship.  After Sunday lunch with the family I got to work getting everything out of its container and setting everything up for Monday morning.  There was no wi-fi available to me through the week, hence my eight days recently of no blogging or emailing, but I was too beat to surf the web anyway.