Now In The Store – Blend 31 Block Wax

You can now order Blend 31 block wax in the Store at  Blend 31 is a solid wax of 3 parts hand-processed beeswax and 1 part shellac wax.  It is $16 per quarter pound block, domestic shipping included.

I use Blend 31 for all kinds of things around the shop including lubricating plane soles and saw blades, and it works wonders on drawer runners.  Since it is 1/4 shellac wax, and since shellac wax is the second hardest natural wax, it is a fair bit harder than pure beeswax.  And, unlike pure beeswax, thanks to the shellac wax fraction this blend warps a bit when going from molten to solid.

Recently I posted the recipe I use for turning Blend 31 into a stout paste wax good for any application where paste wax is the desired form.