Since I announced the expansion of the polissoir line about six weeks ago, word has gotten around and stuff’s a-poppin’!  It really does help to have enthusiastic support but it is quite a shock to wake up and find your email box stuffed with requests for information about them.



There I was , smoothly sailing along with five or ten orders a week, with a buffer of a month’s inventory at that pace.


In the blink of an eye my inventory was purchased, with multiple quantities in line behind the initial orders.  Fortunately I was able to pick up another three dozen last weekend and expect to get another few dozen within a fortnight.  I am a bit surprised at the popularity of the large 2″ polissoir, but perhaps I should not be.  It gets a lot of spectacular work done in a hurry.  I expect to have all the orders filled in about three weeks.

A few things have emerged from this recent chapter.

1.  I need to blog about the structure and nature of a good polissoir.

2.  I’m thinking about some new polissoir styles to compliment the ones already extant.

3.  I need to blog about the properties, technology, and use of natural waxes; beeswax, shellac wax, and carnauba.

4.  I need to blog about preparing and tuning up a polissoir.

5.  I need to blog about using the polissoir in greater detail, especially how it fits with combined finishing strategies.

Will do.