Salvaging a $15 Smoother, Part 2

As I do with many vintage tools, before I undertake any meaningful pretty-ing I make sure the tool will work well enough to incorporate into my inventory.  With the J.Quick smoother I followed a well established routine of first lapping the sole on my granite-and-sanding-belt rig,

then sharpening the blade with my diamond stone-ceramic stone sharpening regimen followed by honing on my micropolish impregnated plywood strop.

In this case I also had to fashion a new wedge, which I did from a piece of mahogany from the scrap bin.  Once I got it to fit the body and iron perfectly I started to play with my small Auriou model makers rasp, shaping it so it would be a bit interesting.  I was not entirely pleased with the wedge after a while of working on it, but at least it worked well in holding the iron on the bed.

I assembled everything and gave it a test run.  Magnifique.