A Wordy Week

Generally, aside from my time with Mrs. Barn the overwhelming number of my conversations occur underneath my snow-white hair and between my years.  That said, lately beginning with my three days of being on display at the 18thC Trades Show I’ve been talking out loud a lot.  This week was a continuation of that theme.

On Tuesday I was at a local civic meeting and asked about my “newcomer’s” observations of our regional community and spoke at great length on the subject.  Yup, even though we bought the cabin over 20 years ago, we are newcomers.  That makes a certain sense in a community where dozens of families can directly trace their arrival here well over 200 years ago.

On Thursday my long-time friend and even longer-time broadcaster Brain Wilson interviewed me for his “Something Completely Different” podcast, discussing current events in the political economy.  Say what you will, my perspectives are indeed “something different” than you are going to encounter in the corporate mega-media.  You can track down the podcast fairly easily on your own, which saves me the aggravation of posting the link and then receiving gripes and moans about my mean, radical wrongthink ideas.

Friday morning was a long interview with Neal Bascomb from the Work/Craft/Life publication, discussing the H.O. Studley tool cabinet.  Since I am always willing to discuss the collection and my relationship to it, the hour flew by.  I will definitely post a link to that once it is published.

Friday afternoon brought a visit to the studio by my local friend, musician and luthier also named Neal, where we discussed at length the nature and manipulation of hide glue and the vagaries of guitar picks.

I feel all talked out, ready to resume my routine of silence listening to books, lectures, and interviews on my mp3 player while I make progress on projects in the studio and on the homestead.