An Overwhelming Response (Literally!)

It is always great to see a lot of interest in something of which you are a part, and amazing to see over 3,500 unique visitors to the website in 18 hours — but the initial wall o’ interest that was more than 500 people hitting the ticket store in a matter of minutes was the virtual equivalent of Walmart opening its doors at 5:00am on Black Friday after waxing the floors with mutton tallow!  [We normally get about 300 visitors a day here at — DCW]

As many of you experienced, the pages became slow and it caused a glitch wherein the inventory numbers for each session of a given day were showing a collective stock quantity.

This has all been fixed, and the sessions are now presented in a slightly different way to spread the love and provide easier access. When you go to the TICKETS page you will still see the three days of the event listed, but when you click on your preferred day you will now see eight individual products (one for each session). Simply click on the session time you want to attend, to see the current (read accurate) stock numbers, select the number of tickets you want, and add them to your cart. From there it will look the same as previously described.

If you have any questions about the current process or an order you’ve already placed, please feel free to email me directly.

Jason Weaver