Desk Moldings II

Once the convex triple moldings were established effectively to my satisfaction the time came to cut the tiny rebate on the outer edge of the foot.  That step took a couple of tools, one a modified marking gauge and the other a very simple rebating scratch stock.


For the marking gauge, which in fact I had set up already as a slitting or cutting gauge with a sharpened knife cutter, I needed to modify the block so that the beam could follow the radius as the contour swept in and/or out along the outside of the element.  The intricate technology required for this modification is no doubt intimidating, but it was really nothing more complicated than sawing a 1-inch dowel in half and adhering it in place with double stick tape.  I also relieved the shoulders of the gauge block to allow for even tighter turning, which would be needed for the leg moldings.

This allowed me to scribe the inner shoulder of the undulating rebate with little effort.

The follow-up tool was a scratch stock fashioned from a piece of tropical hardwood flooring with a tiny rectangular exposure that scraped out the rebate perfectly.  On the first foot I cut the three convex beads first followed by the rebate.  After that I reversed the order of the process.

The end result was satisfactory.

Then I broke my right arm and was out of commission for another few months.  See what I meant about the client’s patience?