Presentation to SAPFM Tidewater Chapter

A couple weeks go I was in Elizabeth City NC at the invitation of the Tidewater Chapter of the SAPFM to speak about a current project involving a lot of moldings on the edges of curvilinear profiles.




I gave a quick review of the project then set about demonstrating the use of a set of scratch stock profilers I made for the task.  Or to put it more correctly, Ben Hobbs demonstrated on my behalf as my hand was extremely tender, weak, and not flexible after six weeks in the cast.  I gave it the old college try but was simply unable to complete the tasks.  I did not notice making noises while trying, but TomS mentioned that I kept saying under my breath, “Ouch, that hurts.”  Thanks for bailing me out Ben.



There was a lot of interest in the process, especially once folks saw how simply, relatively easy, and quick it could be.



A portion of this presentation will be included in my upcoming banquet lecture at the Williamsburg Working Wood in the 18th Century shindig.

PS  It is good to be back in blogosphere circulation after travel when I was without internet access for an extended time.