Toolapalooza 2016 IV – Santa Clark

There are several benefits to sitting with Josh Clark at a tool auction.  In addition to his good nature and cheer, he is there to buy lots of tools for his most excellent Hyperkitten Tools web site.  So, we get to vicariously share the riches of his treasures and the thrill of getting good tools at a fair price.  Adjunct to that is the reality that he buys quality mostly-vintage tools in order to sell them at a modest price to craftsmen who will use them at the bench, and our posse is more than willing to take inventory off of his hands even before he packs it up (which we usually help him with).

This year I had another banner auction buying from Santa Clark.

cIMG_2079 cIMG_2074

Since I have building some Gragg chairs on the schedule upcoming, I was delighted that Josh got some lots from the sale of tools and inventory of Mike Dunbar’s windsor chair making school following Mike’s retirement.  I was able to get a travisher of unknown origin but in excellent condition, and a Barr inshave/scorp with a fitted sheath.  These will definitely come in handy when swailing out the seat of the bentwood chairs.

cIMG_2097 cIMG_2098

Then came a lovely toothing plane in nearly unused condition.  The body was pristine and I am not sure the blade had ever been properly sharpened.  My pal Mike is from the Albany area and was excited to see the name of an Albany maker stamped in the tool.

cIMG_2101 cIMG_2100 cIMG_2099

No sooner was the first toother stowed under my seat then along came another equally wonderful toothing plane, this one from a Cincinnati maker.  Did I need it?  Well, perhaps not technically, but “need” is such a vague word.  Besides, since Freddy Roman is intent on buying all the toothing planes in the known universe I was compelled to purchase it too.


Some people might whisper that I have “a toothing plane problem.”  They would be wrong.  I have a good variety of toothing planes.  There is a difference.  I use them frequently, almost every day in fact.


Next thing I know Josh is passing round this magnificent pair of dividers that were hiding in the bottom of a box of stuff he bought.  I bought them from him.  Just because.


Finally he bought a lot that included some Japanese saws he did not have any use for, so I took those off his hands as well.




The circle of beneficence got larger as we were observing the bidding when a friend of Josh’s approached me and told me he followed this blog and was  thinking of me when he got these two tiny doors (~4″ x 9″)at a flea market in New York City.  He said I was supposed to have them and refused any payment at all.  Thank you Sir!  These are pretty spectacular objects in the style of fine Japanese eggshell craqueleur lacquerwork.

This haul has even inspired me to pull out previous years’ Toolapalooza treasures and get them ready for work.

More about that later.