WIA Day 2 – Chris Schwarz


Following the book signing at the LAP booth my final stop of the day was Chris Schwarz’ session recounting the current state of his ongoing passion of research into traditional workbench forms.  Though he often professes discomfort at public speaking, Chris always does a great job.  At least that has been my direct observation.

This whirlwind sprint through two millennia worth of work hold benches was insightful, and given his active interest in the subject Chris always has some new material to offer.


It really is fascinating to see how the threads of craftsmanship interweave over the generations and centuries.  I was once again struck by the similarities between the Roman benches of the First Century AD and the bench used by Maine polymath Jonathan Fischer.

I got a note today from an acquaintance who, on learning of my two prototypes being built for the workbench class next May, asked if I didn’t already have enough workbenches.

Hmm, interesting question.  At this point I have only seven in the barn, or is it eight…  Either way I think I will be maxxed out when I get to about 13 or 14.